“Camp Kids are Kids Chicago was THE perfect break for me. I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last November, and since then my parents have kept me pretty close to them. I have been sick some days, but in June I got an infection and side effects from chemo made me super sick; I really had the worse June ever. I spent 21 days in the hospital pretty sick, hooked up to EKG’s and other machines, and during this trying time, I lost my good friend, Jake. It was the worse time of my life.

“Then came July, I heard about camp from my nurse at the clinic and, even though it was after the due date to register, my mom called and emailed my registration, I was so excited that I got accepted. I got to spend a week with new fiends, all which know very well what I am going through. . . . The week was absolutely perfect. I completely forgot I had cancer. We just had fun. I was able to be myself and was able to talk, talk and talk to everyone about my feelings and worries. The activities were all so well thought out and super fun. My absolute favorite was the dinner cruise. I had never done that before,and I just loved dancing the night away with all my friends. Every other activity was fun too, and I could not pick which I would rather do again.

“I would encourage everyone to try the camp. I cannot wait to go back next year, and when I am older, I know I want to be a counselor. I came back home with a new perspective and all the willingness to fight that I had lost during June. It is such a peace of mind having doctors and nurses right there with you too.”

– Joe, 13


“In our journey as a family through the ups and downs of Katrina’s fight, we’ve met a lot of people and organizations that helped us through some tough times, but I can honestly say none have touched us on such a personal level as the counselors and volunteers of CKAKC. It legitimately felt like a family within an hour of meeting, and the way the kids forged bonds with each other and the volunteers was something that brought a tear to my eye when we picked her up at the end of camp. I had several of the counselors relate to me about what a kind, thoughtful and intelligent kid Katrina is, and hearing that from someone who was a stranger a week before is something that I can honestly say does not happen often. Some organizations just due their diligence and move on, but CKAKC truly made us all feel like we belonged to a very special group of people.”

– Katrina’s Parents





At CKAKC, I have learned that…

“Being active is good.”
“Don’t be shy and be yourself.”
“I learned I’m not alone in this fight.” “It gets better.”


At CKAKC, I have learned to…

“Handle emotions.
“Make new friends.”
“Always be myself.”
“Always stay strong and work hard.”


The best moment that happened at camp was…

“Talking every night in the cabin.”
“Just things that happened in our cabins when hanging out.”
“Just being here with everyone.”
“The new people we met, including the counselors.”
“Meeting new people, making great friends, and doing fun activities.” “Going on the boat, and facing my fears of singing in front of other people.”


The best thing about Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago is…

“Everything/All of it!”
“The counselors and campers. All the people” “Seeing all my old friends.”
“Meeting new people & making new friends.” “Being with my camp family.”
“Our family bond.”
“People know what you’re going through.”